Who we are

Founded by IITian's,with the objective of making the technologies friendly to human beings . The company’s main objective is to reach masses and especially in the developing nations where internet and literacy are the major challenge.

  • Innovate … Not just execute but do something new which creates some standard in the industry.
  • Don’t do business, just to make short term gains, but do business so that overall industry gains.
  • Integrity is the most precious value and always do things which is right and only right.

For initial years , main thrust is over the Voice as it the most widely used channel over the phone and then over a period of time these technologies will make roads even into the Mobile Apps and embedded devices.

  • Know the Facts. Good data helps you make the right decisions. Know before you decide.
  • Don’t work for Salary, You work to live. Not live to work. Work on what makes you happy."You only live Once, and if you work it right, One is enough."

  • Voicely - An AL / ML based customer support system which is poised to improve the customer service experience.
  • Cloud On Voice - A next generation broadcasting system for sending the alerts over SMS Voice as well as Emails.
  • HA Analytics - A big data and machine learning analytics system with predictabilty analysis capability.
  • A Business dashboard based on Big Data for all your business management needs.
cloud service provider
  • Monitoring and Control to monitor system resources and performance of machines.
  • OS level virtualization to deliver software in packeges as containers.
  • Database clustering solution for MYSQL for high availability data loss prevention and linear scalability.
  • In memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker.
  • Use of advanced analytic techniques against very large diverse data set that include structured semi-structured and unstructured.
  • A Restful, distributed search and analytics engine build on Apache Lucene.
cloud computing service provider
  • Compute Shapes
    • Flexible Shapes
    • Bare Metal Shapes
    • Standard Shapes
    • Dense I/O Shapes
  • VM Docker Shapes
    • Standard Shapes
    • Dense I/O Shapes
    • CPU Shapes
  • Backup And Storage
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What we do offer

Phoneme - SDP

AI based Dashboard & Analytics Search Engine Platform.


Web based tool for ICT based communication.

Voice - Analytics

V-Phoneme NLU and ML based Voice Recognition with Biometric features.


V-Phoneme NLU and ML based Voice Recognition with Biometric features.

Data Centre Infra Solutions

Customized High Availability Compute with NVME Storage For running Machine Learning and AI Solutions.

Analytics & Big Data

Analytics Cloud Big Data Service Data Cataloguing Service.


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