Our Services

Our digital team comprises of people with over 15 years of experience in telecom and internet domain and have been thoroughly involved with the evolution of consumer engagements over various mobile channels as sms,voice,mobile internet,3G etc. Thereby our team is equiped enough to form the Digital strategy with clients to acheive three overall objectives

1.Manage complex customer relationships across a variety of channels both digital and traditional.
2. Respond to and initiate dynamic customer interactions.
3. Extract value from big data to make better decisions faster

Reach Out

Phoneme provides a platform which can communicate with the consumers over various channels as Text,voice and rich media formats.This platform is capable of reaching out the Target Audience via scheduled media planning. It provides the option of targeting the user according to the various profiles.

Campaign Management

Campaign management engine allows the interactions over all channels as text,voice or rich media and it allows the marketers to design and execute their own flow.It provides all sort of interactivity like via the Misscall notification,through long code etc.


Analysis engine uses the profiling parameters to monitor the health of the campaign running . If the campaign hits the thresh-hold figures then automatically it raises the alarm and thereby asking the media person to modify the TG or timing in order to execute the result . With the help of this engine marketers dont have to wait for the whole campaign to be executed and then analyze the result.It also uses the intelligence of the other campaigns to speedup/slow the campaign rate thereby gives better result for the marketing spend.


Mobile topup serves as an agent of campaign driver as it gives the instant gratification to the consumer and thereby it excites the end consumer to participate more into the campaign . Via this platform we can enable the instant top up as a part of the campaign flow whereby the end consumer whether post paid or prepaid user can be instantly charged up for a particular amount .


Reporting is an important tool for a marketers as it gives them the opportunity to gauge their campaign success thereby the success of their money invested in the campaign . Our platform provides the real time reporting enabling transparency in each leg of campaign .