About us

Founded by IITian's,with the objective of making the technologies friendly to human beings . The companyís main objective is to reach masses and especially in the developing nations where internet and literacy are the major challenge. For initial years , main thrust is over the Voice as it the most widely used channel over the phone and then over a period of time these technologies will make roads even into the Mobile Apps and embedded devices .

Phoneme-innovating ideas

Our Philosophy

1) Innovate Ö Not just execute but do something new which creates some standard in the industry.

2) Donít do business, just to make short term gains, but do business so that overall industry gains .

3) Integrity is the most precious value and always do things which is right and only right ..

4) Know the Facts. Good data helps you make the right decisions. Know before you decide.

5) Donít work for Salary, You work to live. Not live to work. Work on what makes you happy."You only live Once, and if you work it right, One is enough. "